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City Prevail in Weekend Double Header

Venue: Bai Ling Bridge Riverside Park

By Michael Christie

Two games in two days is not recommended for a footballer’s health or for his play, yet, with four games left to play and firmly seated in the driver’s seat with all eyes on the prize of the BML Title, that was what was required of Taipei City against the rookie boys of San Chung High School on Saturday, May 12th and against the redoubtable Red Lions on Sunday, May 13th.

Saturday’s Kids Test City– Raw

The teenagers of San Chung are maturing all the time and proved it by givingTaipeiCity a stiff test. For seventy minutes San Chung held City to 1-1. Indeed, the boys passed the ball effectively and made City run hard. The game seemed to be heading for a draw until, with twenty minutes to go, substitute Luis Mayorga came on and immediately stamped his presence on the game. With his trademark mixture of guile and speed he snaffled his first goal on eighty minutes and then decided one was not enough so scored again to make the final score a flattering 3-1 to City.

Sunday’s Lions Test City– Roar

The Lions had a few of their players unavailable but still came to win the game – if they could. The first half was a leaden display from both teams, with neither team really deserving to score. However, after some sloppy play in the middle of the park from City, the Lions fed the ball to their right winger. He attempted a cross but got a lucky slice and the ball looped over the stranded Dale into the net. City pulled one back later through Neo King. It was 1-1 at the break.

The second half started off as drearily as the first, but with half an hour gone Oscar Auguilera came on to make his long awaited debut for City – what a difference he made! His first touch and incisive running was enough to create several chances for his team-mates. City looked like a good team again. Through a combination of wasteful finishing and good keeping from the Lions’ Volker, however, City couldn’t score. With only five minutes left on the clock, though, Oscar fed Neo through the middle and with that finish parried by the keeper and rolling into touch for a corner, Oscar showed magical pace to slide – a two-second, three-yard slide – and jab the ball into the net from the tightest of angles. 2-1 to City!


City Overpower the San Chung Boys

Time: 3pm, January 15th, 2012


By Michael Christie

On a treacherous pitch inimical to the stylish kind of game Taipei City aspires to, the boys of San Chung Senior High were looking for an upset. In the end, though, while they showed clever footwork and some pace, they lacked strength. A solid if unspectacular performance from City was enough.

Dan started with a back line of Dale Neal in goal, Matt Wharton at right-back, Brian McGuinness and Tom Clarke in central defense, and Oumar Yassouf at left-back.  In midfield, Danny Weir, Ebrima Njie, Michael Christie and Alex Ramirez schemed to supply Neao King and Dan Calvert up front. On the bench, Brian Fitzpatrick, Danny “Dapper” Wilkinson, Omar Malcolm and Lionel Cassanova provided exceptional depth.

Looking a little short of match fitness and not quite at their sharpest, City pushed forward and put the boys under pressure in their own half. San Chung were not given the time to settle on the ball and so made a lot of mistakes. The conditions were not right for flowing football, though, so City also made their own fair share of mistakes. At least City kept the ball in San Chung’s half. Surprisingly, San Chung drew first blood when a long through-ball cleared the heads of the City defense and the San Chung forward calmly lobbed it over the advancing Dale.

City’s reply was not long in coming. Some good passing resulted in Ebu with a man to beat on the edge of the penalty box. Ebu cleverly crafted an opening and his shot had enough power to beat the keeper. At 1-1 City kept on working hard and their effort was rewarded when from the half-way line Matt Wharton in the right-back position sent a curving ball into the near post for Dan Calvert to run onto and hit on the bounce. About five minutes later, the third goal was almost identical. Perhaps it bounced a little higher this time? Anyway, Dan Calvert again lashed it into the far corner. City were coming forward now with more conviction. Danny Weir and Alex Ramirez on the flanks were both making inroads. City’s fourth goal came when Dan shot from the right and the San Chung keeper could only parry it and push it out for Ramirez to collect on the left. He fashioned an angle but his shot was pushed onto the bar by the keeper. Bouncing down quite hard and bouncing quite high, Ebu was able to get his head to the ball ahead of two chasing San Chung defenders. The score stayed at 4-1 until half-time.

At half-time, Neao made way for Omar Malcolm and Christie came off for Brian Fitzpatrick. Alex Ramirez went into centre midfield so Brian Fitzpatrick could take the left-sided berth. In truth, the second half was not so different from the first half. City still had most of the possession inside San Chung’s half. Within fifteen minutes, though, San Chung had managed to string together several passes in a good move starting from their own half. Dale didn’t have much chance in the one-on-one; again San Chung had snaffled a goal against the run of play. It was now 4-2.

Any fears that San Chung would mount a serious challenge as had International the previous week were allayed by City’s continuing dominance in midfield. The surface didn’t help but City managed to keep hold of a lot of the ball. San Chung hardly created another chance, while City could have had five or six more goals and should have had at least two or three, but a combination of wastefulness and some good keeping from San Chung’s diminutive keeper kept the score down. It has to be said that San Chung also defended energetically.

Perhaps the highlight of the second half was Danny Weir’s run across the face of the penalty area and left-footed shot. He beat at least three players before unleashing a shot good enough to beat the keeper but just a little too high to beat the bar.

There were two more substitutions to come in the second half. With about twenty-five minutes to play, “Dapper” Danny Wilkinson came on for Matt Wharton. Then, about five minutes later, Lionel came on for Danny Weir. The character of the game remained the same, with San Chung unable to break out from the City stranglehold. In that sense, City ground out the victory.

In conclusion, City deservedly won having done enough. Whether this will be good enough in the future against more testing teams remains to be seen. Every City player on the day will be feeling that there is room for improvement.

TaipeiCity FC 4 – 2 San Chung

San Chong Raise Their Level But City Overcomes

Time: 1pm, March 14th, 2010
Venue: Bai Ling Bridge Riverside Park

By Ed Cartee

With 3 games left in the season, City knew that 2 wins would clinch the BML title; but the way to that goal lay first through the San Chong boys, one of the more impressive possession-oriented sides in the rest of the league, so City had to be fully focused and honed in on the 90 minutes before them.  Game-time conditions were very hot, and the Bai Ling fields are starting to show the accumulated wear-and-tear of the season, so both teams wondered if the passing game would be affected by the bobbly ground.  City lined up with Dale Neal in goal, Tim Murphy sweeping and Hans Rempel patrolling in front of him, Mamadi Colley at left back, Matt Wharton at right back, Mike O’Gorman and Ebou Njie in the center of midfield, Ross Conlon at left mid, Ed Cartee at right mid, and Badou Njie and Dan Calvert up top.  The strategy on offense was to increase the speed of play from the standard in the past couple matches, and the strategy on defense was to apply aggressive pressure on San Chong in their own half.  In the first 15 minutes City was executing the game plan pretty well, but to San Chong’s credit, rather than folding under the higher pressure, they responded and matched the intensity and tempo which City were setting.  Nevertheless, San Chong’s only chances of the half were two shots from distance which were both safely wide.  Dawda Fatty came on for Conlon at left mid partway into the half.  When they could, the San Chong defenders were holding a high line, but City almost made them pay for this on a few occasions, as Calvert got behind them several times off of early balls from the flanks which bent behind San Chong’s backs.  When City established a rhythm of possession, San Chong compacted the center of the field and made it difficult for City to combine in small spaces and break through to shoot. O’Gorman once found Cartee open at the top of the box, but Cartee passed it off instead of testing the San Chong keeper from second distance.  The game had evolved into a midfield duel, a hard-fought battle “between the boxes”, and going into half-time with the score locked at 0-0, it looked like the 2nd half would be a war of attrition pitting City’s resources against San Chong’s youth and fitness.

At half-time the management team of Conlon and Calvert  switched City’s outside midfielders, moving Cartee to the left and Dawda to the right, and everyone did their best to hydrate so as to avoid cramping as the game wore on.

The 2nd half picked up where the 1st half left off in terms of intensity, but the game began to be more spread out; when San Chong had the ball they stretched the field with an expansive attacking shape, and City began using the counterattack more effectively to quickly pass San Chong’s midfielders out of the play and force their back line to deal with players running at them.  As both teams tired, neither team was able to pressure the ball as effectively and disrupt the other team’s rhythm of possession, and more chances were created at both ends.  Both teams’ instincts were heightened to sense the opportunities and dangers resulting from every slight momentum shift in the contest.  But it was City who broke through, recognizing when the game tilted their way after a few dangerous attacking sequences in succession, and capitalizing on the narrow window of opportunity before it was lost.  The City attackers created some confusion in the box for the San Chong defenders, and Dawda swept the ball across and Calvert finished – yet another clutch goal from him.  1-0 City.

San Chong came back at City relentlessly.  The combination of their pace and the heat was pushing City’s defenders to the limit, but City’s back line showed their mental toughness, with determination being the key factor as they stayed sharp to intercept passes, use their physicality to body the San Chong kids off the ball, and come up with a few clutch tackles.  San Chong had their best chance of the game when a midfielder struck a great shot from outside the box, low and hard and destined to tuck inside the far post, but Neal made a tremendous diving play to push the ball wide, saving a certain goal which would have radically changed the game.

Calvert came off and Dawda went up top when Michael Christie came on at right mid, though he and Cartee switched sides a couple times.  Though he roved a bit, Christie’s hustle gave City a lift, and soon after his entry, he was a difference-maker.  Getting on the end of a long ball, he initiated a neat wall-pass which played him into space for an unopposed service into the box.  City had talked before the game about high crosses to capitalize on their height advantage over San Chong, and though Christie’s cross floated a bit beyond the far post, Dawda accelerated and got on the end of it; Dawda headed the ball back across the face of goal, past a helpless keeper to a waiting Badou, who tapped in to give City the 2-0 advantage.

Though San Chong kept their composure and maintained their offensive pressure, City knew what they were playing for, and they weren’t about to let the San Chong kids steal the game back.  The final score was 2-0, making City’s record 14-1-1 and bringing them within one victory of a league championship.  Though so close to the objective, City will have to remember that it’s still up to them to take care of business, with 2 more opponents eagerly awaiting their last chance to spoil City’s season.

Amateur Soccer Leagues set for Thrilling Finales

By John Phillips
Taipei Times
Saturday, Mar 13, 2010

At least one of Taipei’s amateur soccer leagues will be decided tomorrow as Da-an face the Red Lions needing to win by at least three clear goals to snatch the Carnegies Premier League (CPL) title at 1pm at Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park.

Across the city at Shilin’s Bai­ling Bridge at 4pm, expat team Taipei City can take a huge step toward clinching their second Businessman’s League (BML) trophy when they take on Sanchung High School.

In a bittersweet twist that is sure to leave many players questioning their loyalties, however, it turns out that the Taipei City squad is composed almost entirely of players who also play for Da-an and the Animals — the very team that Da-an will need to finish above if they’re to steal the CPL crown.

Da-an captain Alex Ramirez — who is also a City player — says the competition has always been good-natured and that “the rivalry is completely forgotten about once we don the Taipei City kit.”

The rivalry does have its downside though. Both leagues play on Sundays, which means players sometimes have to play two full games in a single day.

Ross Conlon, who manages Taipei City and plays for the Animals, says having the players competing against each other in the CPL has made it harder for City to be competitive.

“Toward the end of the season, both sets of players have been going all-out to win the CPL, so by the time they turn up to play for City they are already tired,” he said.
If Da-an do snatch the title, it will be an outcome few would have predicted. They have yet to occupy pole position. The current leaders, the Animals, have been on top since last summer, but the loss of some key players and a dip in form have left the door ajar for Da-an to win by the slightest of margins.

With the Animals having already completed all their games for the season, Da-an go into tomorrow’s game knowing that a victory by three goals would put them level on points and goal difference, but would see them crowned champions for their superior tally of goals scored.

In the BML, Taipei City face Sanchung High School knowing that three points would leave second-placed Fritz needing snookers to retain their title. City returned to action after the Chinese New Year break with 11-3 and 2-0 wins against the bottom two clubs Southeasterly and Dentway respectively.  Now with three games to go, City are nine points ahead of Fritz, who have a game in hand, and City’s goal difference is eight better, so a victory would mean they just need to avoid defeat in one of their last two games. Defeat could mean a big finish, with City and Fritz meeting on the final day.

San Chong Salvage Point

Time: 1pm, December 13th, 2009
Venue: Bai Ling Bridge Riverside Park

By Michael Christie

On an extremely hot day, with the sun beating down from a high place, Taipei City kicked off against San Chong. Ross had warned everybody before the game that San Chong had recently strung together some good results against the better sides in the league, so they would not be the pushovers remembered from previous seasons. He was right. The starting line-up was Dale Neal in goal; Alex Daly, Tim Murphy and Matt Wharton at the back; Spencer Pangborn and Ed Cartee in the wide positions; Mike O’Gorman, Michael Christie and Alex Ramirez in midfield; and, Stevey Reymond and Niklas Denser up front.

Right from the whistle, San Chong were determined to put pressure on the ball at all times. The ball went from San Chong to Taipei City and back again quite often in the first five minutes and, a little worryingly, Taipei City seemed reluctant to exert themselves fully in that time. There was hesitation in the challenge and indecision in possession from everybody but Mike OG. Possibly encouraged by City’s anaemic start, San Chong pushed forward energetically. Their speed and sharpness was such that City had no choice but to respond.

From the ten minute mark, the City players began to warm up properly and put in some hard work. (Those great days when you discovered you were nimbler and quicker than the older and bigger boys playing for the opposition were dimly recalled. Now the City players were one and all older and bigger than the whippets of San Chong.) For the next ten to fifteen minutes the two sides more or less shared the spoils of a keenly contested game. There was some good possession football from both sides and while the game wasn’t an “end to end” classic, both teams had pressure and chances in front of goal. Notably, Dale made a wonderful save at the feet of a San Chong forward when he was clean through on goal, the one time in the game the City defence was properly breached.

The deadlock was broken around the twenty minute mark by an own goal resulting from a low near post cross from Ramirez. Oddly enough, Tim and Steve took turns to jump over the ball before the unlucky San Chong defender stroked it home from three yards. City were determined not to rest on their lead, but now San Chong had their tails up so they played with real discipline and force.

San Chong ran City ragged for about fifteen minutes of the first half. Their teamwork, discipline and fitness shone through as they passed the ball through and around a hard-working but tired City. The pace of the game was getting too much for City at this stage, which with mistakes in technique and decision-making, foreshadowed a potential defeat. (The San Chong boys train up to four hours a day. Let’s be honest, they only lack the height and weight to be clear favorites to win the BML now.) To City’s credit, San Chong weren’t allowed an opening. Eventually, however, justice was done. San Chong were a little lucky but got the goal their dominance deserved.
Obviously disappointed, City had about ten minutes left in the first half to do something. With San Chong still pressing, a great breakaway move ended with Stevey Reymond’s precise curler into the top corner of the net. Somehow, Taipei City had finished the first half ahead 2-1!

Taipei City put Conlon on in place of Daly during the interval, so Matt shifted to the right side of defence.  The second half was to be more comfortable for City, partly because San Chong couldn’t sustain the movement they’d shown in the first half. Still, quite early on Dale had to react very quickly to tip a deflected shot over the bar. Dale was busy at other times, coming off his line or making more routine saves, too. And, City were still regularly conceding corners. Nevertheless, City were able to fashion more attacks and looked the stronger team in the second half. Ross and Ed combined well down the left, both contributing plenty of good crosses. San Chong defended deeper so there was less pressure on the midfield, meaning the other midfielders didn’t look so poor in comparison to Mike OG. Mike O’Gorman confirmed to everybody on Sunday that he is surely the best foreign player in Taiwan at the moment.

With better decision-making and more luck in the final third, City would have scored two or three goals against a tiring San Chong defence. As it was, the City cogs aren’t quite yet in alignment. Still, City forced the San Chong keeper to make some good saves and otherwise put the ball in some tricky places for San Chong, so could have…. Could have, but didn’t!

Taipei City showed impressive endurance and work-rate for eighty minutes of a hard game, but didn’t know when to ease back and that was the killer. Playing on very tired legs for the last ten minutes, some City players, notably Christie, persisted in pushing forward when the only sensible choice was to play deep and grind out the result. San Chong ably exploited the gaps in midfield and again justice was done when a speculative shot from an unmarked San Chong midfielder hit the back of the net! The game ended 2-2 and that was that!

No tie for San Chong this time

Earlier this season the San Chong High School team put up a good challenge to Taipei City, forcing a 1-1 tie.

City came out stronger this time, showing the quality of football that the fan(s) have come to expect from the BML champions.

Starting off with only 10 men on the field, City went down and scored even though the numbers were against them.  Dan Calvert put away a nice goal early on, 1-0.

The young lads managed to sneak one past Taipei City moments later, putting the score even at 1-1.  But then Dawda Fatty and Danny Weir each marked a goal, putting the score at 3-1 going into the half.

In the 2nd half, Calvert and Weir both scored again and Alex Ramirez put a well-placed ball past the San Chong keeper, final score 6-1 for Taipei City.

Dan lays the game plan during the lineup

Steve Reymond takes on a San Chong defender

Oliver Schwuchow anticipates another winning header

Match against San Chong ends in a draw

The first game of 2009 started rough with only 10 men on the pitch, but 3 minutes into the game Taipei City had a full squad.

The young San Chong team came out fast and scored 20 minutes into the game. Later in the first half Steve equalized with a clean put-away in the bottom corner, tying the game at 1-1.

City started the 2nd half strong with good defense from Chris and solid offensive advances from Alex R. It appeared the tide had turned for Taipei City with several close chances at goal in the last 15 minutes, but the matched expired in a draw.

Shaking hands with the boys

Chris chases down a loose ball

Scuffle and position

Call the team doctor

Taipei City Continues 8-Game Winning Streak

After a slow start to the season, at one point resting 6th out of 8 teams, Taipei City FC has clawed its way back to the top of the BML standings.

This past weekend Taipei City posted wins over Jako FC and SanChong High School. These 2 victories helped extend City’s current winning streak to 8 games.

Here is the match report by team captain Dan Calvert.

Here are a few pics from Saturday’s match.

Tim and Alex getting ready to pressure the opposing forwards

Team talk before the game

Team shot