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Taipei City FC give Chinese Taipei a run for their money

After winning the 2008 BML Championship, Taipei City Football Club had the rare opportunity to play a friendly match against the Taiwanese National Team.

See the Taipei Times report here.

This once-in-a-lifetime chance was definitely the highlight of this amateur footballer’s career.  (The Taiwan national team squad competes internationally as Chinese Taipei.)

Chinese Taipei showed their impressive speed and endurance against Taipei City FC. They were fast with their passes and physically fit. The highlight came in the 2nd half when City almost found the back of the net, but the score ended up 3-0 for the Taiwan National Team.  It was an honor to play against Taiwan’s finest and it was not a bad effort for a group of foreign amateurs living in Taiwan.

Lining up to shake hands w/ the Chinese Taipei National Team

Organizing after a difficult 1st half

Both squads pose together after the game

Taipei City FC founders Daniel Calvert, Spencer Pangborn, and Ross Conlon with Chinese Taipei national team coach Andy Chen