Taipei City 10, Jako 0

A thorough dusting of Jako on a wet Wednesday night.

Here were the goals:

Alex R.
Alex R.

– 4-0 halftime –

Alex R.
Alex R.

– 10-0 final –

Congrats to Alex Ramirez for scoring 4 goals in a single game…a hat-and-a-half trick or something like that.

Close to something like this:

On 3 December 2008 Carlos Tevez of Manchester United scored a ‘grand slam’ against Blackburn Rovers. This consisted of a header, penalty kick (right footed), left foot and right foot.

Anyway, all the scoring meant the game was pretty uneventful for the defense.  In the first half a Jako forward cracked a powerful shot that bounced off the bottom of the crossbar but was gracefully saved by Matt Wharton.

In the 2nd half Ibu got a little bored as keeper and baited a Jako forward with a drop-kick gift.  He tried to lob our tall Gambian friend but missed the goal by a mile.

Wet and misty

The lineup

On the sidelines at the half

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