Taipei City takes Rogue out to lunch

Weather: sunny and breezy with a little wind
Field: hard and dry

Taipei City came out strong against the boys over at Rogue FC, scoring a goal in the first 4 minutes of the game.  Steve crossed to Dan for the easy put away, 1-0.

Moments later another goal was in the back of the net, again from Steve crossing to Mr. Calvert again,  2-0.

Later in the half Matt Swift from Rogue scored an own goal, 3-0.

Then Paco scored a nice header that lofted in from the left side of the field, 4-0.

Then another goal from Dan before just halftime, 5-0.

Halftime water break.  Michael Christie replaced Spencer in goal…clean sheet for both keepers.

The 2nd half saw 3 more goals, 2 solid finishes by Gustavo and 1 more by Dan.

All in all, it wasn’t a very challenging game for Taipei City but still a pleasant way to spend Sunday morning.

Final score: Taipei City 8, Rogue FC 0.

The opposition but they’re also our mates (most of the time)

Shaking hands like gentleman do

Steve crosses one in on the Rogue defense

Alex Daly and Ibu in the mix

Dan runs towards the goal

Tim and Chris solid in the midfield

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